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Whether you're interested in white-labeling or expanding your range of Online Risk Management (ORM) services for your current customer base, the opportunity to enhance your brand and seamlessly integrate ORM solutions has never been more accessible. Explore and select any of the options below and deliver added value to your customers.

Other Use Cases

Account Holder Protection

Are you a Bank, Credit Union, or any other company looking to set yourself apart from the competition? Dteckt offers one of the most comprehensive full protection suites that can be 100% white labeled and used to help your customers reduce their identity and cyber risk.

API Data Sets

Interested in enhancing your product offering? Dteckt's real time API allows for you to access cybersecurity insights to provide your consumers with a more well rounded product.​

Employee Benefits

Our greatest asset is our employees. With employee retention concerns on the rise, set yourself apart by offering Dteckt's full protection suite as an employee benefit.

Data Breach Recovery

Has your organization been the victim of a data breach? Dteckt offers an easy process for you to offer cyber and identity services to the victims to ensure they stay safe online and you maintain good standing with legal and compliance mandates in offering protection services to your customers.

Cyber Risk Score Improvement

Dteckt's surface assessment show you the low level and technical detail behind the Company Grade that make up your cyber security and privacy grade. The report will help you solidify your cyber posture and reduce risk by getting your Dteckt Grade to an A.

Small & Medium Business Full Protection Suite

Cybersecurity isn't always the easiest task to solve. Although our focus isn't large enterprises, we do offer a comprehensive offering to boost your small or medium business to an entirely new level of cyber maturity.

Work from Home Protection

Work from home is now part of work routine. Whether your employees are part of full time remote, Dteckt's Protection Kits offer protection for home devices and other family members that may be on the same home network. Protect your blind spots with Dteckt's platform.

Digital Inheritance Planning

A digital inheritance plan allows your customers to quickly and easily manage how their next of kin adopt their digital persona by giving them seamless access to digital banking, passwords, ID alerts, and more.

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