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Dteckt offers many levels of service to help you on your journey to protect yourself and those around you. No longer be at the mercy of corporations. Take control into your own hands.

Company Grades


The Dteckt Score gives you instant visibility into how any organization of your choosing performs in cyber security. See how your organizations perform today!

Identity Protection

Protect your identity by staying up to date on unusual financial activity, account changes, credit/debit cards attempting to be opened in your name, activity in criminal databases across the country, and dark web attribute monitoring.


Stay proactive with real time alerts. You’ll know when one of your organizations has a data breach, a grade change, a significant finding, activity in a high risk country, hackers start chatting about your monitored organizations, and more.

Money Manager


Dteckt’s personal finance management solution securely integrates into digital banking products giving you a seamless experience for viewing all your account data in a single spot.

Lost Wallet


Input details of items in your wallet to ensure that you can cancel, recover, and account for everything that would be lost or stolen if your wallet went missing.

Erase Me – Privacy Service


Organizations frequently misuse and pass consumer information wherever they choose. Dteckt will act on your behalf to have your data removed from all organizations covered by Privacy regulation.

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