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Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored for Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and professionals.

Comprehensive Business Protection

Added Security for Your Business

From Lost Wallet Protection for financial emergencies to Business Identity Monitoring for fraud detection and a Password Manager for secure access, our suite adds layers of security protect your business assets and build trust with clients and employees.

Password Manager

Centralize and enhance your team’s password security, safeguarding access to all business accounts and sensitive data.

Money Manager

Quickly secure your financial accounts with a centralized view, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Measures

Boost Your Company's Digital Health

Company Boost provides the essential tools to strengthen your business's cybersecurity infrastructure, improving your overall digital health and resilience against cyber threats.


Improved Visibility

Improved insight into the threats and vulnerabilities facing business  IT Systems.


Risk Reduction

Proactive monitoring and visibility into your business and third-party IT asset footprint.

Company Security Monitoring

Stay Ahead of Threats with Company Monitor

Our Company Monitor service vigilantly tracks and alerts you to any potential threats or breaches, ensuring your business data remains secure and uncompromised.

focus on business

Protect Your Business Today

Safeguard your business assets with Dteckt's comprehensive cybersecurity and financial management tools.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Find answers to common questions about our cybersecurity solutions and how Dteckt can address your specific business needs.

Does Dteckt offer features specifically for managing multiple user accounts?

No, Dteckt offers individual plans focused on self and family management. Business users will need have employees sign up and use the platform themselves to gain protections.

How can Dteckt benefit startups and freelancers?

Dteckt provides affordable plans that offer essential security features for startups and freelancers. You can secure your passwords, protect your online privacy, and monitor your credit report, all within a user-friendly platform. This empowers you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Can Dteckt protect my intellectual property?

Dteckt's dark web monitoring can identify instances where your business information or intellectual property (like patents or trade secrets) might be exposed. This enables you to take steps to contain the leak and protect your competitive edge.

How does Dteckt help secure my business from Financial threats?

Dteckt's credit monitoring feature keeps you informed about any suspicious activity on your business credit report. This allows you to detect fraudulent attempts to open accounts or secure loans under your business name. Early detection empowers you to take swift action and minimize financial damage.

What is the Company Grade?

The Company Grades are a way for you to see how the organization's you have added to your portal are performing. Company Grades roll up into your overall Identity Risk Score as just one input to the wholistic picture of what is causing your identity risk online.

Dteckt believes in following the Security Ratings Principles which outline how responsible security rating organizations should do business from the rules put forth from the Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Rating.

Additionally, Dteckt will make only what is useful to a consumer available in its portal to protect a consumer's identity. Dteckt looks to protect the integrity of organization vulnerability. Although reflected in a score and grade to a consumer, Dteckt will not make underlying detail about vulnerabilities available to use.

Dteckt will never work to actively exploit discovered vulnerability of outstanding issues. Instead, data is anonymized and presented in an aggregate high-level manner for consumers to ensure they’re working with organizations that match their risk tolerance levels. To maintain transparency, Dteckt offers a download of its data for authorized corporate employees to see, access, and resolve if they so choose.

What is Financial Account Takeover monitoring, and how soon will I receive an alert if my personal information is found compromised?

Financial Account Takeover monitors your name and SSN, and will notify you daily if unusual or high-risk activity is detected. If detected, you will receive the following alerts:

  1. New Bank Account Opening Alert – If your personal information has been used to open a new bank account
  2. Bank Account Takeover Alert – If changes have been made to your existing bank account, including changes to account contact information or attempts to add new account holders
  3. Credit Card Application Alert – If your personal information has been used to apply for a new credit card
  4. Credit Card Opening Alert­ – If your personal information has been used to open a new credit card account

What records does Financial Account Takeover search for my personal information?

Financial Account Takeover monitors your personal information against transactions from hundreds of financial institutions across all 50 states, including:

  1. Broad monitoring network, including the top 10 regional banks and credit unions
  2. Bank of America, BB&T, Capitol One, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo
  3. Visa and MasterCard
  4. 6 million new credit and demand deposit accounts new inquires annually

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