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Tax Time

Matt DeVico

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The phone rings. Anonymous answered. "This is the IRS," the voice on the other end declared, a bureaucratic coldness coming from the phone. "We've identified serious discrepancies in your tax return. Failure to pay the outstanding balance immediately will result in legal action."

Panic surged through Anonymous. Taxes are dreaded by many, and she was no exception. Visions of fines and worse danced in their head. The caller, their voice laced with a hint of menace, rattled off legalese and alarming sums. They demanded immediate payment through a specific money transfer service, the urgency in their tone escalating with each word.

Fear clouded Anonymous' judgment. Images of seized assets and potential jail time filled their mind. Without questioning further, they scrambled to gather the requested amount, the caller's threats echoing in their ears. Minutes later, a sickening feeling settled in their gut as the confirmation email for the money transfer arrived.

Relief, however, was another emotion as she was able to make the payment; however, a conversation with a friend later that day broke down any of that relief. Their friend, an accountant, scoffed at the aggressive tactics, immediately recognizing it as a classic IRS impersonation scam. Anonymous now felt she was to blame how could they have fallen victim to such a blatant lie?

They contacted their bank and the authorities with little hope still clinging to the possibility of retrieving the stolen funds. But the damage was done. Anonymous vowed to be more skeptical of unsolicited calls, especially those wielding urgency and legal threats.

Moving forward, they would double-check any communication claiming to be from the IRS, verifying it directly through official channels. The incident was a financial setback, but a valuable one. It highlighted the importance of staying calm, verifying information, and never giving in to fear tactics. Anonymous emerged from the ordeal wiser, more cautious, and determined not to be a victim again.

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