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Targeted Phishing

Matt DeVico
March 25, 2024

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An Anonymous Individual, ever the optimist and hard worker, had finally scraped together enough for a used laptop given the challenges faced with paying for and going to college. Curled up in her tiny apartment, an email notification popped – a message from her bank, "First National." She became anxious and excited as scholarships are rare, and with finals just around the corner, any financial relief is a lifeline.

The email congratulated her on being selected for a scholarship program specifically for students in her field of study. It felt too good to be true, but the official-looking logo and the personalized details – mentioning her major and grade point average – disarmed her skepticism.  Clicking on the "Learn More" button, a near-replica of the bank's login page materialized.  She typed in her username and password on autopilot, the excitement clouding her usual caution and thought process.

After trying to login, unease hit her when the page didn't redirect as expected.  But before she could investigate, her phone buzzed.  Her bank app notified her of a series of rapid withdrawals, each one a sizable chunk of her savings. Now panicked and frantic, she logged into her real bank account, the numbers on the screen confirming her fears. Her entire savings – meant for textbooks and rent – was gone.

The bank's response was a cold reality check. "Phishing scam," they confirmed. The money that was hers and saved over months was irreplaceable.  The shame of being scammed overtook her and she began to blame herself. How could she have been so careless?  The trust she'd placed in the online world – the supposed convenience and ease – now felt like a betrayal.

Every notification, every email, now made her uneasy.  The once-exciting laptop now felt like a constant reminder of her vulnerability.  The cruel illusion of a scholarship had shattered more than just her finances. It had shaken her faith in the digital world, leaving her paranoid and distrustful.  This anonymous young woman, once eager to embrace the future, now navigated the online landscape a little differently due to the scar of the phishing attack a constant reminder of the cost of a single click.

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