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FREE access to see your own Identity Risk Score and how organizations safeguard your data. You'll also get access to Dteckt's free Password Manager, the Delete Me module to be forgotten with Data Brokers, People Search Sites, and Credit Reporting Agencies and free DIY Credit Repair to help keep your finances in good order.

Identity Risk Score

The Identity Risk Score is a calculation of your digital risk. Dteckt looks across the products you consume and use, your breach exposure, the corporate behaviors of companies you monitor with Dteckt, unaddressed fraudulent finance alerts, and many more.

Company Monitor

Ever wonder how the organizations' you do business with handle data security and data privacy? Now you can with Dteckt's unique ability to monitor and give insights into your monitored organizations.

Password Manager

Receive access to Dteckt's free Password Manager where you can manage, store, and view your passwords with ease.

Delete Me

Delete your data from Data Brokers and People Search Sites. Quickly and easily be forgotten and request that Dteckt email hundreds of Companies on your behalf to delete your information.

Freeze Me

An easy guided walkthrough of how to put freezes in place for the major Credit Bureaus as well as understanding what data Credit Reporting Agencies have on you.

Unsubscribe Me

Tired of junk or spam mail? As long as you monitor a company, we'll help you bulk request that companies stop sending you unwanted email.

Repair Me

We understand your credit and finances are important. Dteckt's free DIY Credit Repair tool helps you through the process of erasing incorrect negative items with the Bureaus and Creditors.


$4.99/month for Dteckt's Standard Plan. In addition to a powerful password manager, Dteckt will work with your monitored organizations to improve their security posture and notify you if they report a data breach.

Dteckt Password Vault

Dteckt's powerful password manager including the browser extension and multi-platform app to add convenience.

Company Boost

We'll work with your monitored organizations behind the scenes to help them boost their security posture.

Data Breach Alerts

Understand when the organizations' you monitor report that they've been the victim of a data breach and how that could affect you.


$9.99/month for Dteckt's Plus Plan to monitor a wide range of identity and credit risks, including financial, criminal, dark web, compromised credentials, payday loans, and more. You'll also gain access to Dteckt's comprehensive money manager, lost wallet protection, and sex offender monitoring.

Money Manager

Our personal finance management solution securely integrates into your digital banking apps giving you a seamless experience for viewing all your account data in a single spot. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, and debt management are among features that you can use the Money Manager to take charge of your finances.

Lost Wallet Protection

Input details of items in your wallet to ensure that you can cancel, recover, and account for everything that would be lost or stolen if your wallet went missing.

Real Time Inquiry Alerts

Monitor your credit file for hard inquiries and receive alerts in real-time when different credit-related actions affect your credit file.

One Bureau Credit Monitoring

Receive daily alerts regarding changes to your credit file, including: Personal Information, Hard Inquiries, Potentially Derogatory Information, New Accounts, Public Records, and Address changes.

Change of Address Monitoring

Your mail can contain important and confidential documents that help thieves commit identity theft. Receive alerts if bad actors attempt to steal your identity by redirecting your mail to a new address.

Bank Account Takeover Monitoring

Unusual financial activity can mean there has been a compromise of your identity, account information, or credit/debit cards. Gain visibility into your bank and credit card accounts and immediately know if your spend is your spend with daily credit report monitoring regarding changes in your credit fileExamples include; Personal Information, Hard Inquiries, New Accounts, Public Records, & Address Changes.

Court & Criminal Activity Monitoring

Instantly know if your information matches criminal activity around the nation. Dteckt monitors national and local criminal databases to prevent damage from identity theft. Court & Criminal Record Monitoring monitors hundreds of millions of criminal court records mapping to federal, state, city, and county-level jurisdictions and notifies you if their information is found.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark and Deep Web can be scary places. Dteckt partners with organizations around the world that specialize in Dark and Deep web scanning. Dteckt searches for and alerts you on any mention of your personal information if it shows up on the Dark or Deep Web. We monitor global black-market websites, chat rooms, & social feeds. Dteckt will continuously monitor thousands of websites & millions of data points, alerting if your PII is bought, sold, or traded online.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Understanding where sex offenders live can help you make informed decisions for you and your family. In additional, protect you can protect your identity if a sex offender fraudulently uses your personal information to cause damage to your reputation.

Non Credit Loan Monitoring

The Non Credit Loan Monitoring feature processes over a million non-credit loan inquiries a month and Dteckt's loan inquiries associated with 23 of the top 25 payday loan lenders, in addition to buy here-pay here auto loans and rent-to-own inquiries.

SSN Trace

SSN Trace sends alerts when a new name/alias or address is associated with your Social Security Number on a credit report so you can detect if bad actors are using your SSN.

Real Time Authorization Monitoring

Understand if your personal information is being used to verify authenticity by using data from an advanced identity verification network. Dteckt monitors millions of monthly authentications for bank credit cards, auto loans, telecom applications, pre-paid credit cards, student loans, and payday loans.


$14.99/month for the Premium Plan lets you monitor your Credit Report as well as experience improved and integrated DIY Credit Repair. Also monitor your social media platforms for hate speech, language, bullying, and more.

Social Media Insights

Social Media protection and your privacy is core to Dteckt's mission. With Social Media Insights, get visibility into cyberbullying, content that is publicly available, illegal activity and employer insights, privacy policy review. Know real time if your social account is compromised and a bad actors tries to tarnish your reputation online.

Experian Credit Report

Receive bi-annual updates and access to your Experian Credit Report. View your consumer statements, credit inquiries, open accounts, collection account, and much more. Access to the Credit Report allows for an enhanced free Credit Repair experience.

Up to $1M ID Theft Insurance

ID theft insurance provides financial assistance and expert support to help you restore your identity and peace of mind after a theft.

Full Service ID Restoration

Get back to your life faster. Our experts navigate the complex path of ID restoration, so you can focus on healing.


$19.99/month for the Family Plan lets you monitor all of your children's identity alerts in one place, and it also lets you monitor their social media platforms for hate speech, language, bullying, and more.

Child Monitoring & SSN Trace

Monitor your child’s personal information to identify activity on the dark web and to spot credit information associated with your child’s identity. Receive alerts regarding a new name/alias associated with your child's Social Security Number. Parent/Legal Guardian will need to pass a one-time guardianship verification process to receive alert content for children.

Family Social Media Insights

Social Media protection and your privacy is core to Dteckt's mission. With Social Media Insights, get visibility into cyberbullying, content that is publicly available, illegal activity and employer insights, privacy policy review, and more.

Full Service Data Broker Removal

Coming Soon at $9.99/month
Dteckt's Privacy Advocates will work behind the scenes to request information be deleted from all Data Brokers and People Search Sites.

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