Finance & Identity Protection Kit

$19.99/month to be able to protect your identity with Dteckt’s financial, dark web, and criminal database monitoring. Know real time when suspicious activities occur.

Identity Risk Score

The Identity Risk Score is a calculation of your digital risk. Dteckt looks across the products you consume and use, your breach exposure, the corporate behaviors of companies you monitor with dteckt, unaddressed fraudulent finance alerts, and many more.

Company Grade

You can have instant visibility into how any organization of your choosing performs in cyber security.

Online Marketplace

Quickly and easily make decisions or change who you do business with based on their ability to protect your data. Connect with banks, retailers, tech companies, and others through Dteckt's Online Marketplace.

Score Detail

Increase your visibility and get the information behind the Grades. See details for performance in Technology, Complexity, Data Breach, System Hosting Locations, and more.


Stay proactive with Alerts, which will be delivered to you when one of your monitored organizations has a data breach, a grade change, a significant new technology finding, a high risk country identified, hackers start chatting about your monitored organizations, and many more.

Money Manager

Our personal finance management solution securely integrates into digital banking products giving you a seamless experience for viewing all your account data in a single spot. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, and debt management are among features that you can use the Money Manager to take charge of your finances.

Financial Account Monitoring

Unusual financial activity can mean there has been a compromise of your identity, account information, or credit/debit cards. Dteckt's tool allows for integration into all of your bank and credit card accounts so you can know immediately if your spend is your spend.

Criminal Activity Monitoring

Be aware instantly if your information matches criminal activity around the nation. Dteckt monitors national and local criminal databases. Knowing immediately if you've been "involved" in an unrelated crime helps prevent damage from identity theft.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark and Deep Web can be scary places. Dteckt partners with organizations around the world that specialize in Dark and Deep web scanning. Dteckt searches for and alerts you on any mention of your personal information if it shows up on the Dark or Deep Web.

Social Media Insights

Social Media protection and your privacy is core to Dteckt's mission. With Social Media Insights, get visibility into cyberbullying, content that is publicly available, illegal activity and employer insights, privacy policy review, and more.

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